En ny mulighed: 3 dages Immersion hvor videoerne beskrevet i “Reaching through Resistance” med dr. Allan Abbass vises i uddrag

Professor Allan Abbass, afholder et tre-dages immersion d.2.-4. december 2020 i et online format/world wide. Og Dansk tid er det kl 17-24.

Vi trænere har fået muligheden for at invitere særligt interesserede med til dette online format.

  • Da denne immersion afholdes meget sent dansk tid, kl 17-24, vil vi danske trænere udbyde det som et online-seminar, dog kun for tidligere og nuværende supervisanter og core-gruppe deltagere.
  • Nye til metoden får (sandsynligvis, alt efter hvordan det går med corona-anbefalingerne) mulighed for at deltage ved at mødes i Aarhus, og overvære præsentationen sammen med mig.
  • I kan også vælge at mødes med hinanden i fx jeres coregruppe og deltage online / dog har Abbass bedt os om, at I hver især betaler for at deltage.
  • Der vil være en større pause (for amerikanere er det deres frokostpausen): I det tidsrum vil jeg invitere jer til, at vi ”mødes online via et andet zoomlink”, så vi sammen kan fordøje materialet og besvare spørgsmål, der måtte dukke op.


De tre dages immersion vil gennemgå de cases, som blev grundlaget for Abbass grundbog: Reaching Through Resistance.

Med andre ord, vil vi her kunne se videocases af ISTDP-arbejdet på tværs af spektret. Dvs klienter med moderat til høj modstand, som har brug for standard-formatet, og vi vil se arbejdet med klienter, der har brug for gradueret kapacitetsopbyggende arbejde, dvs klienter m instant repression og fragilitet.

TILMELDING: Skriv til mail@thannel.dk

PRIS: 2800 kr. som indbetales til mig; konto 5343-248073 – husk at angive navn og AA-online immersion december

Introduction from Abbass:

Using video cases that influenced Reaching-through Resistance, Dr Allan Abbass in collaboration with ISTDP San Diego Community will provide a 3-day immersion course to study of the full spectrum of patients who can benefit from Davanloo's Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy. This course will detail the metapsychology of the ISTDP approach, how to initiate the process, how to assess systems of resistance and levels of anxiety, how to build capacity, how to mobilize the unconscious therapeutic alliance, and how to process complex feelings with patients. 

If you are newer to ISTDP or are in current EDT Core training or supervision, this course will be a rich learning experience that will integrate your skills and deepen your understanding of ISTDP. Dr Abbass is a world renown master ISTDP teacher, researcher and author who takes complex material and breaks it down to make it easier to learn and applicable to your psychotherapy practices.

The main objective is to provide knowledge of this treatment system that you can use to inform your current psychotherapy practice.  It will cover the following areas:

  • Overview of Metapsychology of the Unconscious 
  • Overview of the spectrum of suitable patients with videotape illustrations 
  • Psychodiagnostic assessment to determine manifestations of anxiety and resistances 
  • Nature of interventions including pressure, challenge, and head-on-collision with resistance
  • Manifestations of the Unconscious Therapeutic Alliance
  • Timing and types of interventions 
  • Various forms of Unlocking of the Unconscious

This immersion will be held online using a secure platform. Because of this, attendance is restricted to: 1) those who are in an ISTDP or EDT Core training or supervision program, 2) those who have previously completed an ISTDP/EDT Core training program, 3) trainers, 4) those in our ISTDP San Diego Community and 5) Colleagues of all of these 4 groups who will attend the immersion while physically being present in the same room. This is all to ensure confidentiality of case materials that will be discussed.

We are pleased to partner with Dr Abbass to bring this workshop to you……

About the speaker:

Dr. Allan Abbass is Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, Director of Psychiatric Education, and founding Director of the Centre for Emotions and Health at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. He is a leading award-winning teacher and researcher in the area of Short -Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, with over 250 publications and 300 invited presentations over the globe. These articles can be viewed at www.allanabbass.com

He is known for simplifying the theory and technical aspects of the ISTDP model, with the use of algorithms, and through highlighting moment-to-moment processes that inform interventions. He has received numerous teaching awards, including two national awards in psychiatry, and has been honored with visiting professorships at several international universities and institutions, holds recurrent intensive training programs in Norway, Sweden, Italy, and Canada, and provides internet-based training to professionals and groups around the world.

Dr. Abbass’ critically acclaimed textbook on ISTDP “Reaching Through Resistance: Advanced Psychotherapy Techniques” was published in 2015. His latest book, Hidden from View: A Clinician’s Guide to Psychophysiologic Disorders (Abbass and Schubiner, 2018), deals with psychophysiologic disorders and how health professionals can diagnose and manage these conditions including the use of ISTDP techniques.